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Fireside Chat with Mayor McDavid

April 29, 2023 Porch & Parish
Porch and Parish The Podcast
Fireside Chat with Mayor McDavid
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Hey, Zachary people! We’ve still got dew on our tennis shoes from participating in Love the Boot Week community litter pick-up. The City of Zachary along with the Chamber of Commerce hosted the initiative and we’ve Got Mayor Mac McDavid with us today to keep us in the know about all the good things in the works for the Z. Even better, he’s going to share a vision for the city, so you can help craft that going forward or change things you might not agree with. After listening, there may be things you would like to do differently or could potentially improve upon. And that’s the beauty of transparency and working together to solve problems. 

That’s why Porch & Parish is collaborating with the City of Zachary to kick off what we’ll call the Fireside Chats with Mayor McDavid. As such, we want you to get involved. As soon as you listen in, we want you to send in your most pressing questions to editor@porchandparish.com, and we’ll ask the Mayor to follow up to as many as possible. 

If you missed today’s Love the Boot event, pick up a piece of litter for the cause and then follow the community calendar at porchandparish.com to see the many events happening in and around the Z!

If you’ve picked up a copy of the Spring edition of Porch & Parish Magazine, we’d love to hear your feedback! You can email editor@porchandparish.com with what you loved and what stories you’d like to see in our Summer edition. And don’t forget about the cover coloring sheet for the kiddos - you can find that by searching “coloring sheet” on the porch and parish website. 

Alright… get your cup of coffee and come sit by the virtual fire with us as we get caught up with the Mayor.

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(Cont.) Fireside Chat with Mayor McDavid